Why wear Safety Reflector

Understanding the need of a reflector on the road as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle seems unnecessary due to the fact that most Kenyan motorcycle taxi’s have reflector jackets that are too washed out to even be visible on the road. But done right, having a reflector jacket should be your first defense on the road. This is due to the simple fact that your safety is in your visibility.

To understand the importance of a reflector. You need to look at the elements that make up a reflector jacket and what use each has.

Daytime (High Visibility Clothing)

During the day, high visibility(HV) clothing is useful because they are supposed to be luminous in color. The specific color of the clothing (Orange, Red or Green) shouldn’t be much of a defining factor so long as it’s luminous. This is because on the road, the colors are bright hence attract the attention of the drivers on the road. If they see you then it will be difficult for an accident to occur. This is one of the main reasons we ensure that our riders have visibly luminous jackets that aren’t faded or dirty that it’s close to impossible to recognize that you are wearing a HV jacket on the road.

Other ways that other riders ensure that they are visible on the road aside from having HV jackets is by having LED lights embedded to the lining of the clothing. The LED’s are set to always flicker to ensure that it can capture the attention of the drivers on the road.

These are methods that are used on the road during the day. Some might say that having the HV clothing isn’t necessary if you are riding with a properly trained rider which might be true, but does it hurt to have that extra level of safety on the road?


Night time

Most HV jackets come fitted with a retroreflector, or a cataphote. This is the grey material that shines when hit by light on the road. The retroreflector works by reflecting light back to its source with minimum scattering. This is why they always shine when riding at night. Having a HV jacket fitted with a retroreflector is important since visibility is low when it gets dark. Being careful on the road when riding is important especially at night but this point is especially useless if the drivers driving on your lane can’t see you. In addition to having the retroreflector on the jacket, still having the luminous colors or the LED lights on the reflector is a plus and maximizes on you being visible on the road in the darkness.

All in all having a reflector on whether you are a passenger or a rider is very helpful on the road. To find one, we normally give out reflectors to our riders to ensure both the passenger and rider are safe and visible no matter the time on the road, but if you want one for personal use, you can buy one from supermarkets all around the city.

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