How to be a Savvy Passenger

Driving on the road in Nairobi is always a hustle. This is why people are increasingly finding it easier to take a motorcycle taxi to their destination. For one it’s convenient as you don’t have to worry about parking and it saves time for the simple reason that you aren’t limited by the confines of traffic simply because someone a few meters ahead wasn’t patient enough to let a car pass and ended up grazing the next car causing an inconvenience to everyone with a car behind them, or sometimes the traffic police waits a little too long before releasing the hundreds of cars ahead of you leaving you exhausted before you even arrive at the office and once you arrive you are 5 minutes late and HR is now on your case.

For those of you who are opting to use a motorcycle taxi service *ahem* *ahem* whispers “Savvy Riders” , we have a few tips for you to make sure that you simply enjoy your ride to the next destination you are heading to, because if you are going to use a service such as ours, why not enjoy the trip while you zoom past your frustrated workmates who are still stuck in Traffic.

Here are some tips that will make you a Savvy Rider.

1. Wear your Helmet

On the road, the first thing that you learn is that accidents can happen. Our riders are always equipped with world-class ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) certified helmets that ensure that you are safe.

To rest easy, the passenger helmet is given an Open Face helmet and a hairnet to eliminate the ‘eww’ factor that comes with the full face helmet ordinary riders give the passengers that makes you reconsider wearing a helmet on the road.

With the Savvy helmet, we eliminate that issue and you can wear your helmet without thinking twice. Making you feeling both safe and comfortable on the road

2.Sit Close to the Rider

2.Sit Close to the Rider

We know sitting close to ordinary riders especially with the condition of their hygiene one can’t be so encouraged to do so.

However it’s important to note that sitting on the edge of the motorcycle raises the COG( Center of Gravity) of the motorcycle making it more likely for you to tip and fall over should any quick maneuvering be needed on the road.

3.Don’t try to look forward

When on the road, your point of focus should be at the back of the head of the rider. Most passengers try to see where they are going hence leaning over on one side of the bike.

This messes up with the balance of the motorbike and makes it that much harder for the rider to balance the motorcycle when maneuvering. Of course Savvy Riders are trained to handle problems like this on the road but why make the rider’s work that much harder?

4. Don’t Remove Your Feet of the bike when moving

One of the most common things you find normal passengers doing especially when you feel the motorcycle losing balance is to remove their legs and try to help the rider to balance the motorcycle.

While we recognize that it’s purely instinctual, we recommend keeping the feet on the foot rest at all times to ensure that the rider can be able to maintain balance easily.

Well there you have it. Have any more suggestions about best ways to be a Savvy Passenger? Comment below.

Cheers 🙂